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Thank you for trusting Optemization with your time and money.

As you may know, HiveMind comes over two years after our first product, Entrepreneur OS. In the time away, we’ve taken a step back from product development to deepen our expertise via good ol’ consulting.

Having built custom solutions for top startups like Blank Street, Discord, Loop, Stir, and 80+ others, I believe that we are now the very best when it comes to modern operations and workspace design.

And that’s why I’m thrilled to have you join us as a customer! To build HiveMind, we’ve carefully productized our custom solutions so that you can access the powerful design at a fraction of the price.

This is not another template — this is a system. A system that includes 100+ pre-built components and step-by-step guidance. So by leveraging HiveMind and truly adopting Notion, I guarantee that you and your team will unlock unprecedented levels of efficiency and productivity.

Now, let’s get you onboarded onto HiveMind and make you some 🍯

— Tem Nugmanov Founder & CEO

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